Be known for: To be known for one’s knowledge, skill, work, or characteristic; to be known for one’s particular product or characteristic; or to be known for one’s content, characteristic, value, etc.

乔舒亚·贝克尔:Be known for

中文释义:be known for,意为“因……而著名”,其后所接内容表示某人或物的特点、特长等。

1)表示人的名词时,意思是以某种知识、技能、作品或特征而出名”。He is known for his great inventions.(因为他的伟大发明他才出名。)

2) 表示地点的名词时,意思是“以某种特点(产品)而出名”。France is known for his fine food and wine.(法国以美食和酒出名。)

3) 表示事物名词时,意思是“以其内容、特征、价值等而被人所知”。Peacocks are best known for its eye-catching  display of bright tail feathers. (孔雀最为知名的就是它们那引人注目的尾羽开屏。)

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