The rampant rise in all hate speech and Anti-Asian hate crime is plaguing our country. Words MATTER. Leadership MATTERS. Wherever you are from or whatever you look like or believe, we are all one HUMAN RACE. My heart goes out to the families of these innocent victims. I know we can be better than this. We must be.



1–Tonight, san Francisco police investigating yet another assault on an Asian man and woman,今晚,旧金山警方正在调查另一起针对亚裔男女的袭击案,

2–amid an alarming surge of these attacks. 这些袭击事件的激增令人担忧。

3–The 75 year old Chinese woman said she was just standing at a traffic light这位75岁的中国妇女说她只是站在红绿灯前

4–when a man punched her in the face. 当一个男人一拳打在她脸上。

5–That same suspect also attacking an eighty three year old Asian man. 这个嫌疑人还袭击了一个83岁的亚洲人。

6–The woman and her daughter speaking to our local affiliate after the attack. 袭击发生后 这名妇女和她的女儿接受了我们当地分支机构的采访

7–You can see she is extremely terrified, she terrified to eat stuff. 你可以看到她非常害怕 她害怕吃东西

8–This rise in hate crimes, inspiring some to speak out. 仇恨犯罪的上升 促使一些人大声疾呼

9–Including actress Lucy Lu,包括女演员露西·刘,

10–who wrote, quote, my heart goes out to the families of these innocent victims. 他写道,我的心与这些无辜受害者的家庭同在。

11–I know we can be better than this. We must be. 我知道我们可以做得更好。我们必须。

12–And Lucy Lu is out front, and Lucy, I know you don’t speak lately,露西·刘就在前面,露西,我知道你最近不怎么发言,

13–um, you know, you don’t take this decision to speak out lately. 你知道吗,你不能轻易地决定说出来。

14–And I know you believe that the vitriol,我知道你相信过去几年里

15–the rhetoric and the violence against Asians over the past several years,针对亚洲人的尖刻抨击,反对言论和暴力,

16–especially during the pandemic. 特别是在大流行病期间。

17–Um, your words are as poisoned people ,你的话也很恶毒

18–do you think things are going to get worse before they get better. 人们你认为事情在变好之前会变得更糟吗?

19–I do. 是的,我相信

20–I think that given the percentage. 我认为考虑到百分比

21–That we currently know. In the rise of hate crimes, 1900%. 我们现在知道的 仇恨犯罪上升了1900%

22–Against Asian Americans. Um. 对亚裔美国人。嗯。

23–But I think there are more that are unreported personally, I think, culturally, we are not. 但我认为还有更多的事情没有被报道,我个人认为,文化上,我们没有。

24–People that speak out and talk about being victims. 那些畅所欲言,谈论自己是受害者的人。

25–And I think that’s something that we learn. 我认为这是我们学习到的。

26–I mean, I was born in this country, my parent’s were not born in this country, but. 我是说 我出生在这个国家 我的父母并没有出生在这个国家 但是

27–It is thing that is passed on. 它是一种代代相传的东西

28–So yes, I think there’s more that we don’t know about,是的,我认为还有更多我们不知道的,

29–and I do think it’s going to get worse before it gets better. 而且我确实认为情况在好转之前会变得更糟。

30–You live in New York Now, Lucy, 露西,你现在住在纽约

31–where of course we’ve seen these attacks against Asian Americans in recent months,当然,最近几个月我们看到了针对亚裔美国人的袭击,

32–just a couple of examples. 举几个例子。

33–Fifty year old woman shoved while waiting in line outside a bakery,一位50岁的老妇人在面包店外排队时被人推搡,

34–this was cut on video. She ended up in the hospital. 这是视频剪辑的。她最后进了医院。

35–On the subway of Filipino American man slashed in the face with a box cutter. 在地铁上 一名菲律宾裔美国男子被美工刀割脸

36–Um, there is a lot of talk right now about stopping these crimes,现在有很多人在谈论如何阻止这些犯罪,

37–and yet the truth is, Lucy,但事实是,露西,

38–I feel like I see a new case every single day. 我觉得我每天都能看到一个新案子。

39–Do you think enough is being done to protect people right now? 你觉得我们现在做得够多了吗

40–I think. 我认为

41–The recent murders in Atlanta have. 亚特兰大最近发生的谋杀案

42–Really brought more attention to the fact that. 这让人们更加注意到

43–So many Asians are being targeted,如此多的亚洲人成为了目标,

44–and I really do think it starts with words. 我真的觉得这一切都是从文字开始的。

45–And language and how people speak以及语言和人们如何说话

46–and how people understand what’s really going on there. 以及人们如何理解那里到底发生了什么。

47–And because there are so many. 因为有这么多。

48–Different facts out there, um, and beliefs,不同的事实,信仰,

49–people are frustrated and they are ticking out their. 人们感到很沮丧,他们正在通过

50–Anger through violence on, on Asians And. 暴力的方式发泄在亚洲人身上

51–This is unacceptable, and it is an absolute hate crime. 这是不可接受的 绝对是仇恨犯罪

52–And I think there has to be more awareness before anything can be done. 我认为 在采取任何行动之前 必须有更多的意识

53–So when you talk about the hate crime, the you know,所以当你说到仇恨犯罪的时候,

54–the number show, Asian American women. 数字表明,亚裔美国女性。

55–Are especially vulnerable to this hate. 68% of the incidents over the past year. 尤其容易受到这种仇恨的伤害 68%的事件

56–Against Asian Americans have been targeted women 68%,针对亚裔美国人的目标女性占68%

57–so that’s… that’s the vast majority, talking about two thirds. 这是绝大多数,大约三分之二。

58–You have experienced racism throughout your life and your career,你在你的生活和职业生涯中都经历过种族歧视,

59–and I know that this is a hard thing to talk about,我知道这件事很难启齿,

60–because its not something that you want to just come out and emphasize,因为这不是你想要强调的东西,

61–But it’s really important. 但这真的很重要。

62–Um, can you share any kind of experience or a story,你能跟我分享一下你的经历或者故事吗,

63–so people understand that truly, this can happen to anyone. 这样人们才真正明白,这种事可能发生在任何人身上。

64–Absolutely, I mean, there have been so many. 当然 我是说 有很多

65–I mean, throughout my entire childhood and my career, um,我是说 在我的整个童年和职业生涯中

66–Slurs, assumptions about, um. 针对亚裔的无端诋毁、猜忌

67–How someone is presented just because they’re Asian,就因为一个人是亚洲人,

68–they must be unable to speak English, or they must be super intelligent, um,他们一定不会说英语,或者他们一定超级聪明,嗯,

69–I have… 我有… …

70–Many times where I was in an interview with somebody很多次我在面试某人的时候

71–and we were at a lunch and I poured them water我们共进午餐时,我给他们倒水

72–and they, they just assumed that I was subservient because of That. 他们认为我因此而卑躬屈膝。

73–Um, and even when the roles that I’ve been in, you know,即使我演的角色,你知道的,

74–casting, you know, people reviewing them or people, um,选角,你知道的,人们评论他们,

75–Sort of, instead of saying that these other women在某种程度上,而不是说其他女人

76–that are in the movie with me fighting against other people, um,在电影里,我和其他人交锋,

77–that my role was sort of. 我的角色有点。

78–Highlighted as a stereotyping Asians被强调为刻板的亚洲人

79–and perpetuating that stereotype of Kung Fu. 只能通过经典的功夫来传播

80–Or even the character I played on O-Ren Ishii. 甚至我在《杀死比尔》里扮演的角色

81–People would oftentimes compare me to a dragon lady. 人们经常把我比作龙女

82–Which I, Erin, had to look up at the time, because I did not know what that meant,当时我,艾伦,不得不抬头看,因为我不知道那是什么意思,

83–and so to me, I just, I found it astounding that. 所以对我来说,我感到很震惊。

84–If I am doing something, which is my job, acting. 如果我在做某件事 这是我的工作 演戏

85–That it then also has to be prescribed,它也必须是规定的,

86–as well as an Asian stereotype, which continues to perpetuate. 还有对亚洲人的刻板印象,这种印象一直在延续。

87–Something as opposed to, oh, she’s just doing her, you know, this job. 而不是,她只是在做她的这份工作。

88–And she’s doing it well. 她做得很好。

89–So can I just ask you one other question,我能再问你一个问题吗,

90–because I know we’re both mothers, and we were,因为我知道我们都是母亲,我们曾经是,

91–we were talking about that in the break before your son. 在你儿子到来之前,我们在休息的时候讨论过这个。

92–Um, just turned five, um, a few months ago,几个月前刚满五岁,

93–and on his birthday, you know, you posted a photo. 他生日那天,你发了张照片。

94–With the comment,的评论,

95–we must come together to fight for a brighter and safer future for our children. 我们必须团结起来,为我们的孩子创造一个更光明和更安全的未来而奋斗。

96–How do you try, I don’t know if obviously, at this age, you do or don’t,你怎么尝试,我不知道在这个年纪,你会不会,

97–but how do you try to explain all of this to him? 但你要怎么跟他解释这一切呢?

98–Well, I haven’t yet explained the violence, because as you know,我还没解释暴力行为,因为你也知道,

99–children are have an innocence. 孩子是有一种天真和。

100–And have a very magical quality about them. 它们有一种非常神奇的特质。

101–And I think once that is shattered,我认为一旦这种感觉被打破,

102–Or crack, it starts to open up very quickly. Um, I did explain,或者破裂,它开始迅速地打开。我解释过了

103–because we have been in New York, the entire pandemic and the lockdown. 因为我们一直都在纽约瘟疫和封锁时期

104–And continue to be about the peaceful protests继续关注和平抗议

105–and what it means and why people are protesting及其意义,以及为什么人们会抗议

106–and why they’re walking in the rain, in the sun. 为什么他们会在骄阳下、暴雨中奔直呼吁

107–Um, and why it’s important to be able to. 以及为什么能够

108–Make your voice heard and to, to unite with other people. 让别人听到你的声音,并与他人团结起来。

109–And I think that’s one thing that. 我认为这是一件。

110–You know, we have to understand it. 你知道,我们必须理解它。

111–In America, there is, still, in some ways, a caste system. 在美国,在某些方面仍然存在等级制度。

112–Where they want to always abbreviate another race. 他们总是想打压另一个种族。

113–At 9:11, it was about Muslims and against. 911事件,是关于穆斯林和反对。

114–People from the Middle East, and then now it’s about Asian,来自中东的人,现在又变成了亚洲人,

115–so an obviously black Lives Matter, API, I mean, all of these communities. 所以很明显黑人的生命很重要,一个API,我的意思是,所有这些社区。

116–are not separate, we are banned together in order to united. That is how we can. 15 不是分开 我们是禁止在一起为了联合 我们就是这样做的

117–Produce results, frankly, all right, Lucy, thank you so much. 坦白说,要有结果,好的,露西,非常感谢你。

118–I appreciate your being with me tonight, taking a time to share. 我很感谢你们今晚和我在一起,抽出时间来分享。谢谢你!

119–Thank you, Erin. Thank you for having me.


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