Trick-or-treat:A Halloween practice in which children wearing costumes go from door to door in a neighborhood saying “trick or treat” when a door is opened to ask for treats with the implied threat of playing tricks on those who refuse …(不请客就捣蛋,一般就是给点糖)

万圣节:Trick or treat

Throw it out:twist, strain, or dislocate a joint or other body part. (身上的某个部位,或关节、腰、背脱臼/脱位,dislocation)

E.G.1:What’s the matter? My back–I threw it out. I was holding Parker upside down. (DH S02E01 28:10)

E.G.2:Honey, I know it is your weekend away, but it’s my damn back. I threw it out again. — So? (DH S03E03 07:09)

Lynette:Being a mom is like being a E.R. doctor, there’re no days off. (比喻、夸张)

Owen:Being a daddy is like being an actor, sometimes you’ve got to threaten the kids into behaving, sometimes you’ve got to dance with the wolves, sometimes you’ve got to put on a show to make you kids believe that you’re sort of an magician or hero so as to make them feel pround of you.


1、情感的夸张 (沉鱼落雁、闭月羞花;问君能有几多愁,恰似一江春水向东流;桃花潭水深千尺,不及汪伦送我情。)
She was so beautiful that her vultus drafted rainbow-colored koi fish, her figure outcompeted glorious wild goose, her eyes the ridiant moon, her grace shamed colorful flowers.

2、物象的夸张 (君不见,黄河之水天上来,奔流到海不复回。君不见,高堂明镜悲白发,朝如青丝暮成雪。千山鸟飞绝,万径人踪灭。学富五车、才高八斗、九牛一毛。男追女隔成山、女追男隔层纱。)

3、时空夸张 (飞流直下三千尺、疑似银行落九天;山无棱,天地合,乃敢与君绝;)

4、幽默自嘲 (我发现自己是一个十足的矛盾体,一条腿用着微信和5G,一条腿还踩在拖拉机上,这裤档扯得也有点太大了吧。)


At that time Bogota was a remote, lugubrious city where insomniac rain had been falling since the beginning of the 16th century.  (Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Living to Tell the Tale.)

I think we’re inviting the fox into the henhouse.

Dance recital:舞蹈演出

Snake: “To snake something” means “To steal” or “To take something wrongly.”

It is an idiom that has an origin in surfing culture. When a surfer is waiting for a wave and he/she is in the proper position to take the wave but another surfer “steals” the wave, they say that the other surfer “snaked the wave.”

Copy work:the words used in advertising to help sell a product: (广告策划工作)

Ongoing thing:Something that’s described as ongoing has been happening for a while and is expected to continue to happen. (这事不会再发生)

Go to the next level:to improve something that is already successful. ( a better, more advanced, or more successful situation than before)

P.S.A:Public service announcement.  公益广告(a message in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge to raise public awareness and change behavior.)

Pro Bono:志愿服务 relating to work that is done, (especially by a lawyer), without asking for payment.

Trophy case: a case in which to display trophies.  (容纳奖项和胜利果实的陈列柜,这里引申为:形象工程或成功案例,说白了就是个showcase)

Navigate:move around a website, the internet, etc. (浏览)






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