Take sth out on sb / sth:relieve frustration or anger by attacking or mistreating someone or sth that is not responsible for such feelings. (找……泄愤、拿……出气)

Take sth out on someone

以下为高频短语“Take sth out on sb”在美剧《绝望的主妇》中的应用举例:

E.G.1:You’ve called us every week for the past five months. I’ve been too pushy. oh, please don’t take it out on M.J., He is such a bright kid. (DH S05E14)

参考翻译:过去五个月来,每周一个电话,我这段时间真够烦人的。请别怪罪MJ 他可聪明了。

E.G.2:Katherine, I know you’re upset, but don’t you dare take it out on that cake!  (DH S06E04)


E.G.3:Don’t you feel bad we forgot her birthday? — I didn’t forget. I gave her a present this morning. So don’t take it out on me that you and dad failed as parents. (DH S06E16 12:17)

参考翻译:我们忘记了她的生日你就不惭愧吗? — 我没忘记,今天早上我送了她礼物。所以别把你和老爸身为父母的失误推到我身上。

E.G.4:If you don’t get out there, he is gonna take it out on the rest of us. Well, frankly, some of them need it. (DH S05E14 27:09)

参考翻译:如果你不出去,他会把火撒在我们身上。– 噢 ,坦白说,有些人是欠骂找抽。


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