Bone of contention:a subject or issue over which there is continuing disagreement;Main issue of a disagreement that two people or groups cannot go long with. (争议的焦点; 争执所在;尤指那些人们争论了很久的事物。)

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以下是实用短语“Bone of contention”在美剧语料库中的应用举例:

E.G.1:Nice. Attack him on all fronts. We have clients everywhere. Finding a bone of contention with him seemed the least I could contribute. (Suits S02E15 26:03 )

参考翻译:很好 全线出击。我们的客户遍布全球,找他的茬(找到一个与他斗争的焦点)是我能做的最简单的贡献了。

E.G.2:I wonder what kind of relationship you had with your father. — Look, my father’s not up for discussion. The only bone of contention between them is this decision. (Suits S02E05 12:21)

参考翻译:真好奇你和你父亲关系如何?– 我父亲不在讨论范围内,他们争论的焦点在于(目前的)这个决定。

E.G.3:A serious bone of contention between the landowners and the developers was the compensation price for the land.


E.G.4:The fact that Peter did not go to medical school is a bone of contention between him and his father.



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