Deal All:

In order to better facilitate our output capabilities and spice up the passion of learning, I’m planning to host a tencent live meeting dedicated to SVIP and permanent VIP Members. During which, three major topics will be covered, please refer to the following agenda:

  • Initiating the team-up activity, namely, 2022 winter boot-camp.
  • Detailing our future movements with respect to how we could empower and stimulate all the stakeholders of jtenglish to get to the next level;
  • Dividing all concerned personnel into 2-3 groups based on your age, your schedule, your English level as well as your own preference. The captain of each group will be designated to get the ball rolling.


It is strongly recommended for all concerned members to be well-prepared in terms of the following item:

I、An approximately 3 minutes brief introduction of yourself.

II、Your time table as to when will you be available to take part in the meeting.

III、Your questions and suggestions regarding how you want the team-up activity to be conducted.

We have developed a sysmematic approach, and it has already been put into practise to faciliate the change, and help you to identify your weakness and flaws and infuse a steady flow of excitment throughout your learning process, you know, just to keep you guys stay motivated!

Furthermore, we impart knowledge, while leveraging and upholding a MBP (Mix-business-with-pleasure) approach to improve your study performance , boost effiency of your language acquisition as well as bring down the costs.

I’m quite positive that after we finish this ride, you’re gonna have a good command of accumulating, deconstructing and assembling the words, expressions and collocations, which will enable you to master the essence of forming a sophisticated sentence, moreover, your tongue is gonna be more flexible, your voice is gonna be more attractive, you mind is gonna more adaptive to native speaker’s way of thinking.

Believe it or not, the more we count to tomorrow, the less likely we gonna follow on. As a result, we’re powerless to triumph anything other than chicken ribs. Please everyone, following the rhythm of this method, making alterations in accordance with your preferences, running on your full cylinder to make it a habit for no less than one week, I guarantee you will never, ever fatigue.

















Given that the intensified version of DH has completed half the journey, which cost me approximately 4 months in solitary confinement. Yes! You read it correct. I put myself in an isolate environment where nobody would come by to visit or bother me except delivery guys. I understand no matter how devotedly I tried to make my lecture absorbing, yet the journey would by all means turning out to be wearisome.

It is an undeniable fact that, as time goes by, our passion and excitement will gradually fade away, we need to settle for a while so as to make a fresh start. Because what we’re about to experience will determine whether we’re geared up to breakthrough. Here’s what am going to set out for you:

We’re going to rearrange the group up activity, this time, for those who’re no longer settle for sitting on the sidelines, now it’s about time for us to roll up our sleeves and work fingers to the bone, thus to get rid of our self-doubt, to confront challenges head-on, to take the plunge of breaking through what’s get in our way, and equip ourselves with necessary tools to plough ahead,

I am fully aware of the fact that composing your own words in a foreign language is like biting the bullet, whether you like it or not, this is the only way to elbow your way up to the shoulders of the giant. I’m sure one bite after another, we are bound to develop the stamina of enduring the growing pain and establish a mentality of enjoying the process of constructing a better sentence, a better paragraph, a better essay, and ultimately a better future.

For so long, I have been desperately in search of a qualified person to take up the baton and assume the heavy lifting of the home front, and I have a hunch that this person is right among us, because I have faith that a star is about to born and the best is yet to come.

Now if you are the person to carry around the “pay-it-forward” initiative, please working closely with like-mind person who backed me up and don’t hesitate to step forward, all you need to do is to stay hungry and stay focused, allowing yourself unleash the spark from the bottom of your heart and exert your maximum potential.

You might never get a chance to discover that you have this gift of beautifully assembling each component of the English language and we’re gonna find the light that is buried in your soul for decades and motivate your creativity and confidence to go beyond your limits. But of course, we do not develop anything with one giant step, we break the unreachable into little available chucks, so long as we nourish our subconscious mind with repetition and emotion, these efforts won’t go down the drain it will serve as a stepping stone, a springboard, and will eventually get us closer to our goal,

Sometimes, we have to put our body in a prison so as to set our mind free.


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