Progressive Dinner:progressive dinner or, more recently, safari supper, is a dinner party with successive courses prepared and eaten at the residences of different hosts. Usually this involves the consumption of one course at each location. Involving travel, it is a variant on a potluck dinner and is sometimes known as a round-robin. An alternative is to have each course at a different dining area within a single large establishment. (渐近式晚餐,狩猎旅行餐,游走、滚动式晚餐)

Progressive Dinner:渐近式晚餐


Potluck launch:Food or a meal that happens to be available without special preparation or purchase. (百乐餐)

Potluck launch

百乐餐(potluck launch/dinner,也称carry-in dinner)是美国常见的一种聚餐方式,其规则是参加者各自带一个菜或其它食品、饮料,放在一起让大家自由取食。它与自助餐的区别只在于提供者由主人变成众人,吃的方式完全一样,既方便又省钱,而且主人家方便省事,因而成为美国最大众化的请客方式。

Safari supper

In a safari supper, the destination of the next course is generally unknown by the participants, and they have to decipher a clue before moving on. Participants go to each house for the various courses. Often there is a regional theme for each dinner, such as Italian, German, or French. Various wines to suit the courses are often served at each location.

A challenge is keeping the food warm and ready at each location. An alternative is to have the courses at different restaurants. This style of eating has recently become popular as a charity fundraiser in rural Britain and is seen as a good way of meeting different neighbors in the community by virtue of each participant having separate guests.

16th Annual Progressive Dinner

Start Date/Time:
Saturday, August 27, 2022 6:30 PM
Event Details:

We hope to see you at the 2022 Progressive Dinner!

This is a great way to meet neighbors and enjoy our wonderful community while heading to different parts of the neighborhood for each course. 

We will continue this year with having block host rather than one home hosting a course. With the growing number of community members we thought it would be best to keep this outdoors, and have plenty of room for as much of the community that would like to participate.

Here is the game plan:

Drinks & Apps – 6:30pm
2300 – 2328 Rozzelles Ferry Alley (Between Turner & Gardner) • Block Host: Vita DeCeglio & Lori Dickenson

Dinner – 7:30pm (will be catered)
Roslyn Ave (Between Bacon & Lima) • Block Host: Jerod Brown

Dessert – 8:30pm
318 – 322 Mill Road • Block Hosts: Travis/Tori & Frank/Tyson

If you plan on attending:

  • Please click on a link to register and sign up to contribute to one of the courses.
  • There are dairy & gluten free options to select for the Apps and Desserts
  • When registering at the end it will ask for any dietary restrictions for Dinner and how many dinners are needed, including vegetarian.

It truly takes a group effort to pull this event off each year, & there are various ways to pitch in. Thanks for helping to make it happen!!

Sign ups are closed

  • Instructions on when and where to deliver food items will be sent in a confirmation email to those that register. We will ask that wine and beer be delivered the day before the event.
  • We encourage those that are able to signup for food and/or a contribution to the event, information and options on how to pay will also be sent in the confirmation email.

THANK YOU in advance to each blocks and the block hosts, as well as those helping with each course!!!

*Nursing infants only. We hope to see you there!



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