The beauty of English language

Succees in language proficiency all comes down to extensive accumulation and constant interation. What I like language most is its fairness in exsitence, it neither look up to the affluent nor appear high and might to the poor. The way I see it, Language itself is a formless and shapeless beauty, it demands your significant amount of time and profound dedication. There’s no way a language Master could come out easily,

Today I have just found out the six magic words which constructed the lexical item MASTER, they’re Massive Accumilation, Selective Termination and Extensive Repetition, whether you believe it or not, there’s no one could substitute the process of soul-searching.

The beauty of English language

Are you a fan of reading martial arts fiction? If you do, You must have learnt the ropes as to how to become a KongFu master. Actually, the rules are simple, if you wanna aquire and possess the most powerful KongFu, you’ve got to be kicked off the rock cliff, and then you find a cave, afterwards, you come across an extraordinary KungFu master or a legendary Martial arts book that had been dispeared for many years, and then you strip off the inesstional and dispense with your pround and dignity,  and your found a way to embrace rack bottom and make it become your solid fundation, and that is the lowdown of how masters were had been, have been and will be in the making.

One cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations.


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